At One Point Health Services, the vision is clear and the mission is sound.

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Our Vision

After establishing itself in August 2012, One Point Health Services now manages 7 providers covering 37 counties and servicing over 1100 patients daily. Located in Dallas/Fort Worth, One Point Health Services has assembled a team of experts that combined offers its providers over a century of experience!

With diminishing returns on health care related services and with high scrutiny revolving around patient care received and provided, One Point offers its providers efficiency in operations allowing its providers to focus on day to day patient care. One Point does this by utilizing the “hub and spoke” concept, see diagram, effectively managing and optimizing accounts payable and receivable, payroll, human resources, order management, growth strategy and overall efficiency of each of its providers. One Point also offers its providers legal counsel, physician oversight, quality assurance and clinical coordination along with training.

At One Point Health Services, the vision is clear, the mission is sound and our experts are poised and ready to help achieve ultimate care outcomes, excellent satisfaction results and maximum back office efficiency to our current and potential providers.

Our Mission

One Point Health Services ensures high reliability health care to local communities by providing experts in process, strategy, and support to our providers fulfilling their missions of delivering optimum care to patients and families.

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